Saturday, May 23, 2015

Free US$ 1000/- Live Forex Trading Account

Yes I am talking to you; Yes you because I know you are reading this. I have spent a great deal of time and money in Forex market and I have 7 years of experience in SPOT Forex. I designed and developed my own "Smart Trader" Forex video learning course and I teach people how to trade the SPOT Forex market successfully. I have students in USA, Europe, Middle East and Russia. I know exactly how people lose money and what are the weaknesses that lead a new trader towards failure. I am going to offer every student of mine a US$ 1000/- trading account. This is of course my money and my students will trade on my behalf at my trading account under a limited power of attorney contract. Now just stay with me and I will tell you more about this. What ever I teach are the same methods, same setup, same rules and same time frame that I provide to my all students but still out of 10 only 7 students are successful and rest are losers. Well this is saddening but fact! Because it was a hard training by heart. I keep on inventing & adding new methods & update my students @ no cost. Instead of providing one month support I give 6 months to my students. I realize 3 main things, if done properly, will make YOU a successful trader. From now on I will teach traders with a different way and I do not want lazy, hasty, running out of time and sleepy traders. I think a trader that turn into a loser lacks 3 things which are as follows with their solutions. 1: Lack of Proper Education and Guideline A person can not fly a plane without proper guidance and education and I do not know why people start doing trading without proper education and guidance. Forex trading is the world’s biggest business and it is like a two edge sword. The ironic thing is that 90% of traders do not have any single method that really makes money for them. Most of the trader just pickup a system from different free forums, which were actually built by non professional and immature traders like them. Next they only see some 4 to 6 winning trades and they say wow! We found the HOLY GRAIL so let’s start with a 10K account and due to this attitude and way of thinking we have 90% losers in the market. Most the above blunders happen due to over confidence and lack of proper education which simply leads to failure. Solution: So, I am here to provide you the proper education and correct guidelines. If someone really has a desire to learn and become a successful Forex trader then I am here to teach him. If someone wants to read then I have a 270 pages printable PDF E-book. If some one wants to learn with video tutorials then he can watch the video tutorials. Video tutorials are really time saver in the eyes of some people because you can rewind them again and again to quickly grasp the concept. I have custom indicators for the latest version of Meta Trader 4. I also provide support via Yahoo! Messenger and telephone to my students. Suppose if you are a student of mine and you do not want to talk on Yahoo! Messenger then just provide me your telephone number and I will call you at my own expense whether you want to talk for 1 hour or 2 hours. I try to make myself available whenever my students need me and I try not to leave them alone in trading. 2: Lack of LIVE Trading Experience. No education and coaching are complete without practical. Now I personally know that new traders usually lose at first and they usually goes down. A trader has to learn from losing trades. You have to learn how to handle your emotions and yourself when the lights go out. When you drop and come back this is how you do struggle and learned things. And after going though the fire that’s when the gold becomes purified from all of impurities the same with the trader. If you did not face struggle to survive, then you can not become a successful and seasoned trader. The main problem is the fear of losing money and due to this fear traders always hesitate and they do not properly test the learned methods and strategies with real money. What happened is that after losing 2 to 3 trades a trader not only lose money but I lost confidence and faith in trading method. I personally know that even I lose 1 to 2 trades in a row and it is the part of the trading business. I know traders wants to make profit but due to fear of losing money at their LIVE trading account after a proper education they never dare to pull the trigger correctly. Solution: So, I am going to provide you my 1000/- US$ LIVE trading account after a successful completion of 30 days course. This 1000/- US$ LIVE trading account offer is for my every new student. Now you have no fear of losing trade. You are not responsible for any loss that may incur at my trading account but yes I will watch you and this is where the 3rd part comes in. 3: Lack Of Discipline, Patience and Guidance. I have observed this thing many times that after getting proper education traders still lose due to lack of discipline, patience and guidance. Whenever they see a 50 pips quick move they jumps into the market and try to catch that move. They simply kick out their rule based trading method out of their minds and start doing trading with emotions. This is where GREED plays a very devastating role and they do not wait with patience for the right time to enter into the market. Solution: A trader needs a partner, a friend, mentor who’ll guide him at the time of live trading. Now when I provide you my money then we are going to trade together like partners. You will not share any loss at my account but yes you will share 50% profit at my account if you made profit. We are going to grow together this US$ 1,000- LIVE trading account atleast for next 30 days. You will open trades with your own hands. I will watch & guide you. What trading method you are using? How are you managing the capital? How are you opening the trades? The reason behind opening trades? How are you managing the opened trades? How are you closing the trades? Where is your patience and discipline during trading time? I want to see the results at this point from you. To me leaving false signals and not doing trading with emotions is actually ‘doing trading’. Now about my trading course package. My course has Basic, Advance, Price pattern and Elliott wave sections. I will only provide one section to my students at a time. I will not provide entire of the course package to my students like I did in past. So, first I will only provide YOU Basic level section only. Next I will give YOU an assignment and they have to complete and submit that assignment. Next I will provide YOU Advance level section and at the end of that section again new assignment. Next I will provide YOU Price patterns section and at the end of that section again new assignment. Next I will provide YOU Elliott Wave section and at the end of that section again new assignment. I will provide YOU enough education and training to easily complete the assignments but I want to see your efforts and work now. However if someone failed to complete and submit any assignment then I will not provide him next section material until he first complete his assignment. I will try my best to train and educate YOU and at the end of successful completion of course (30 days period) I will provide you my own 1000/- US$ LIVE trading account to do trading on behalf me. Why I am going to provide you a LIVE trading account? I think no trading is complete without doing live trading. There is a lot of difference between demo trading and live trading. What I found is that some traders simply hesitate in opening trades and they do not exactly follow me. They think they may lose and due to this fear, most of traders always trade with GREED and FEAR. However I teach YOU not to trade with emotions. Follow a rule based and time tested trading approach and do not care about any news and what other people are saying about market. I strongly recommend you to only do what my trading method tells YOU to do. I know that profit and loss is part of the business and this time I am going to bear your losses in trading. We will sit together online and we will trade like partners. We will together identify and open trades but at my trading account and you will open the trade with your own hands. We will try to make profit while I will be watching YOU. And why you are doing? Incase of loss I will bear 100% loss. As we become partners in trading so, incase of profit I will share 50% profit and I will give you the 50% profit as well. Any student of mine will not bear any loss that may going to happen at my own LIVE trading account but in case of profit then at the end of every 30 days if account is present in profit that student will automatically get his 50% share of profit. I guarantee YOU that I am not going to leave you alone in trading because that’s my money guys and I want to see profit. In other words I want you to make profit by doing trading at my LIVE trading account by strictly following methods and my advice because I really want to you to become a successful trader. I understand that some times you lose and some times you win but that’s the way it works. Now I know that if a student of mine start making profit at my LIVE trading account then one day he is going to say to me that okay Mr. Azeem I made profit at your LIVE trading account but now I want to open my own trading account. Well that is okay with me and he can quit any time and there are no strings attached. At this point I know that there are 90% so called Gurus, Forex Mentors and Scammers out there. They only want to sell you their non working stuff. Those are actually big losers and they only present monkey show. Let me do a search at Google. Wow it seems to me that the whole world is offering Forex coaching. Almost everyone is selling a killer trading system or money making system to make you millionaire. WOW!!! I have a question for you at this point if these 9995 so called Gurus are really right then why still 90% traders still losing money in Forex trading? Do any of these so called Forex Mentors are going to provide you a TRY at their LIVE trading account after purchasing and learning their methods from them? Moreover do you think that you are really going to become a successful trader after purchasing a 100 US$ book or 395 US$ trading course? So, I would suggest you that if you are really serious about learning Forex trading then do not waste your time and money. For those who are interested in my Forex video course program, please note that I pay individual attention to my all students and I want to deliver quality due to this from now on I will only accept 2 students per month. The advance booking is open on a first come first serve basis and as soon as I got the course fee from you I will confirm your seat and then we will start. All those who came late will automatically transfer to next month. You can send me an email and ask me about the availability of seat prior to sending any course fee.

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